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A Justifiable Use of Deadly Racism

by gordita

Folks, here are the “Stand Your Ground” instructions given to the jury in the Zimmerman case.  The words in brackets were not spoken by the court but you can bet your right arm they were heard by the jury.


Ladies of the Jury, I am now going to give you instructions regarding self-defense.  It is a defense to second-degree murder and manslaughter if the death of Trayvon Martin resulted from a justifiable use of deadly force.

A [non-black] person is justified in using deadly force if he reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself [by a black person]. [Believe me, you will not be asked to find that a black man was justified in killing a white because everyone knows that in a Stand Your Ground state that pig won’t fly.]

In deciding whether George Zimmerman was justified in the use of deadly force, you must judge him by the circumstances by which he was surrounded at the time the force was used [such as the race of persons suspected of committing burglaries in the area]. The danger facing George Zimmerman need not have been actual [and we all know it was not actual until Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin and scared the crap out of him]; however, to justify the use of deadly force, the appearance of danger [such as the appearance of danger when a person is young, black, male and scared sh*tless] must have been so real that a reasonably cautious and prudent [racist cracker from Florida] under the same circumstances would have believed that the danger [from an agitated black man] could be avoided only through [killing his ass]. Based upon appearances, George Zimmerman must have actually believed [and the more racist he isthe more powerful his belief would be] that the danger [of a spooked black man being hunted down in a white neighborhood] was real. If George Zimmerman was not engaged in an unlawful activity [and accosting people for being black is clearly not illegal, ask the NYPD] and was attacked in any place where he had a right to be [and don’t consider whether the victim also had a right to be where he was], he had no duty to retreat [stalking is absolutely permitted!] and had the right to stand his ground [get in the other guy’s face] and meet force with force, including [blowing Trayvon Martin away] if he reasonably believed [being the racist that he is] that it was necessary to do so to prevent death or [to avoid being bitch-slapped by a terrified unarmed black boy].

In considering the issue of self defense you may take into consideration the relative physical abilities and capabilities of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin [including the fact that Zimmerman has a big fat ass and needs a gun to even the playing field against what he perceived to be a nimble hoodie who had probably been shooting hoops near some dope-riddled public housing project since he was about three years old].

If in your consideration of the issue of self-defense you have a reasonable doubt on the question of whether [as an out-of-shape white woman you would be afraid if you saw a young black male roaming your neighborhood] you should find George Zimmerman not guilty [because projecting your fears onto him is completely appropriate given the big screaming gun-toting pussy that he is].