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Warning….do not venture into this site before, during, or after eating and/or drinking.  In fact, it would probably be best if you fast for two months before reading content.

This Blog is (((NOT))) for the gullible or the faint of heart.  If you think any of the things Southpaw writes about actually happened, you are an idiot.  If you don’t like fucked up pictures and  nasty words like shit, goddamn, asshole, dickhead, fuckface, dickweed/lick/less, cocksucker, fat, pasty son-of-a-bitch, shit-for-brains (which I will be using on a regular basis to describe all things Republican and right-wing), you should probably go somewhere else.   This blog is almost entirely devoted to the fine and lost art of true Republican-hating and, of course, all things bashing George W. Bush.


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  1. Just wondering if you can throw a little Ronnie bashing in there too. I do get a kick out of bashing the canonized “uniter.”

  2. Thanks for saying some of the things I’ve been thinking over the years. Love your blog!

  3. meow!

    just heard about your back injury and wish you all the best. i hope you get well soon.

    it’s nice to know there’s a place i can use ALL the words!

    • Hey my good, and most like-minded friend on HP. How’s all? Actually it’s my ribs….I may have separated a couple from lifting…but I’ll be ok. Just an excuse to take drugs 🙂

      And you can use all the words you’d like here my friend….


  4. Get Well Soon my Good Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    Luv’ Ya’ Babe!

  5. What happened, get a little rough with Sarah Louise or the other way around? Get back into the swing of things soon–you may have jinxed me, heading to the chiropractor myself in about an hour. Thinking of you, good vibes your way, stevie.

    • hey stevie,

      Your vibes are good for me whether they’re bad, good, or indifferent. Whenever I see GL on HP, I feel better immediately 🙂

      Take care of YOUR back as well…goodness gracious it sucks getting old

  6. Love the blog! Keep up the great work…you are the best!

  7. Good morning Lefty:
    Hope you’re feeling better today–old age is a bite, but what’s a guy to do? You need to come back as Moe for a day and brain that posuer who’s on HuffPo as your little brother Jerome with a pipe wrench or something!

  8. Hi LttL, my favorite beagle!

    I’ve been reading your blog this past week, Congrats! I love it…the pictures are so
    appropriate too 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling better. xo punkin

  9. Just checkin’ on you, my left leaning friend. Back to full speed? Running on fumes here–isn’t Sarah Louise about due to infuse us with some of her “ideas”??? Have a great day!!

    • I’m getting better good buddy…now that I’ve been able to put the snow shovel down for a couple weeks. How ’bout you?

      Threads have sucked lately. I’m sure a good Sarah thread is right around the corner 🙂

  10. Hiya Lefty–
    Batshitcrazy Bachmann is on the first hour of Dennis Miller this morning at nine central–we carry it on our station, but I’ve been listening to Stephanie Miller via the net then. And unlike Foxinretreat, I ain’t takin’ one for the team. I don’t have the toughness that lady does!

  11. Great way to start my day at work! Rogue’s gallery de luxe! Say hi to Sarah Louise for me.

  12. LTTL – thanks for giving the link to your new blog, not on HP much so may have missed your grand opening.

    Good to see others here from HP and good to see that your creative writing style has an outlet.

    Wish you the best of luck, will check in daily and agree with Strega, a good St. Ronnie bashing is good for the soul, look forwark to it.

  13. Hello, LTTL!!!

    Thank you so much for directing me to your fabulous beagle blog…this sort of thing is right up my alley, so to speak…

    As I mentioned earlier today, my new rule is no drinking liquids while reading this site…especially as I am using my partner’s laptop at the moment and it’s the only one we have…

    I especially love that I can say whatever I f*(ing want here and not be modded by HuffPo mods…however, it will take time to break the *#&% habit because, as you know, that’s the only way you can write this sort of stuff on HuffPo.

    I believe I have a few special Bush pics I’ve been saving for a special occasion…this seems like the right time and place for them…would you like me to send them along to you if I still have them???

    Happy Friday!!

    • My good friend…so happy to see you here. And, yes, I welcome input and pics from everyone…especially my good friends as yourself. Send them along and I’ll find a way to get em in.

      And I do, indeed, empathize with your difficulty breaking the #*@ habit. You will, in fact, still see them in my posts…..but less and less every fucking day because I’m finally getting my shit together 🙂

      • Sometime I’ll tell you about my “Trailer Park Trash” newsletter, a little something I threw together that still has my mom rolling on the floor nearly a decade later.

        In the meantime, you have inspired me…to do what I don’t know yet…I suppose at the very least you’ve inspired the funny in me…so thanks!!

  14. Good morning and looking forward to another cool week here!!

  15. Frustrated In PA

    Someone just posted the link to your blog on HuffPo. Friggin love it! The Starbucks entry, fantastic!

  16. This blog is like someone read my mind and printed it on the Internet Tubes….now, lets just move it on over to favorites and……

  17. You’ll have to fill me in on the Queen’s appearance on Leno. I’m sure you were glued to the tube!! 🙂

  18. Just letting you know that I was just officialy
    “pimping” out your blog on HP.

    I love this place LTTL!

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks my friend. I need all the “pimping” I can get since I, at the present, can’t do it myself as I’ve been banned from commenting (not altogether…at least yet) yet again 🙂

  19. Excellent, Dogworth!

    I have you bookmarked and will visit on a regular basis, my hysterical friend!

    (sorry it took me a few days)

    You rock!

  20. As always, a great way to start the day! Hadn’t thought of ‘ol Billy James in a while!

  21. Hey Lefty! What a treasure trove of deadbeats, loonies, and losers the cons have these days. I remember when the GOP actually had some respectable people in their ranks. Been a while since then, damn near thirty years….

  22. thatsitfortheotherwon

    Hey LTTL, Leftie, Don, whatever….

    Just wondering if I can have all your stuff when they take you away. I mean, anything this insightful (while hilarious) will probably get you locked up in due course.

    PS. We got a week’s respite from our snow, replace by one massive motherfucking wind storm last Sunday. We lost a 30′ high blue spruce in the back yard. Today, the snow’s back. Arghhh.

    • locked up? yea probably…but at least I’ll go down w/ a bang

      Don is fine my friend. And, yes, you can have it all for what’s worth.

      My sympathies to you for more snow. Despite the fact that it’s 53 today here in Northern VA, (not to rub it in) we expect another round before this dreadful winter is all over

  23. Hey Buddy, it’s Austin4. Huff banned me for life a few days after the State of the Union Address. Me and 8 of the reichwing Trolls, had a difference of a opinion. I think I told them to “Go Fuck themselves” one time to many.’

    I’ve been reading your Blog and laughing til it Hurts. I miss you guys, but I needed a break. Those Republicans get on my last nerve sometimes, and I’m not shy about telling where to go. I look forward to reading more of your blog post, keep them coming Buddy.

    • Hey my friend. I wondered what happened to you. I hadn’t seen you on HP in so long I figured something bad must have happened. I can’t believe the a-holes banned you for life but “a go fuck yourselves” is usually enough to do the trick I guess. HP mods are outrageously authoritative.

      Anyway, you’re not missing anything. HP can be an addiction but I’ve found that one is only as popular as their last post. It’s a pretty superficial place.

      Anyhow, look forwarded to having you here at least and glad you’re alive and kicking Austin.


    • Austin4! Good to hear from you! Come here to post. You are among friends.

  24. Hi South Paw Beagle! Looked up “Jim Bunning and Tough Shit” in the WordPress search and found your site. I am so happy to find people who think as I that the Rethuglicans are batshit fu**ing nuts! In my 48 years I never thought I’d see such a bunch of hypocritical, lying, cheating, stealing robonuts as the GOP! Thanx for a site where we can let off some steam! Love, Joanaroo

  25. Good morning Lefty:
    I’m glad we have intelligent, articulate, and wickedly hilarious folks like you on our side. Sometimes I damn near feel sorry for the cons you set your sights on, but not quite!

  26. G’day there Southpaw Beagle!

    I was lurking on the Huffingtonpost when I saw a link to your website. Remembered your comments from way way back when it was still Senator Obama.

    Really glad I dropped by! Great work on your blog. Too funny! Will be a regular visitor!

  27. Dear LTTL:

    I noticed in a reply you gave to peacekitten that you mentioned the use of drugs…which had me wondering if any drugs are involved in the production of this blog??? Or is it just pure ‘you’??? 😉

  28. thatsifortheotherwon

    OK, I give up. How do you change your av?

  29. Have your tix yet for the Sarah Louise/Shelly soiree? My old stomping grounds of Minneapolis will never be the same….

  30. Just wondering if you are going to ignore Ron Jeremy’s birthday today the way you did Nina Hartley’s yesterday. Two of our greatest thespians should not be ignored in a glorious place like this. Your pal, stevie. 🙂

  31. Good luck to yer blog Lefty. Can’t promise I’ll read it too much, getting to be way too many words out there and I’m catching all the old Questionable Content comics now.
    Go easy and be thoughtful,

  32. I hear from this Larsen fella you two have a road trip planned for Minneapolis next month. Make sure you have plenty of Trojans for those two gals!!

  33. See you in a few days, my friend!

  34. Hiya Lefty–
    back from women’s njcaa basketball tournament. Survived blizzrd that blew through over the weeknd, doing much better today than the GOP. TFB for them!!!

  35. thatsifortheotherwon

    A great couple of days for America, our President and thinking people throughout the land.

    Today I heard a clip of Rush saying “We need to iliminate these bastards,” and I don’t think he was talking about fatherless children. Maybe you could do a column about the fat bastard. Go easy on the pics though, my stomach already hurts from laughing.

  36. LTTL, I thought you promised this was going to be outrageous.
    We got to liven things up a bit.

  37. When you and that Larsen fella hit Minneapolis next month to see the Queen and Belchmann I recommend NOT staying at the Normandy. The Shrimp Newburg sucks, and the pecan pie is worse.

  38. Great sight Southpaw! And I get to use one of my favorite words F**k when I descibe repubes!

  39. Angie(Honahlee)

    Darlin you are the best! I have never laughed so much! You are an equal to Stephen Colbert!

  40. Angie(Honahlee)

    Hey LL , I might have some material for you on the mystery of Sarah’s Tri-g . …email me, only you could put my thoughts into words.

  41. Good morning my friend! Here’s to a week that equals or surpasses the last one! Although every week has been a good one since 11–4-08!

  42. Hey Southpaw:
    Wassup with that fierce lookin’ lineup of chimps? Some ‘o them critters even look familiar — the youuglier ones I’m thinkin.

    Well, good luck and good health, Sir.
    Best, Zen0469

  43. Now when you and that Larsen fella hit Minneapolis next week, I highly recommend a watering hole called Hubert’s, right across the street from the fabulous HHH Metrodome. Good bar vittles, and a hot buttered rum to die for. But if the Queen, Blecchmann, and Hannity show up, leave. And let me know so I never set foot in there again.

  44. I fanned you on HP. I love your blog and sarcasm. Keep up the great work. You make my day! : )

  45. You rock! Your cutting wit and in your face snark, is peerless!

  46. Here’s to a great week my friend! You and Wolfie behave yourself up there in Minneapolis, okay?

  47. Now you and that Larsen fella behave yourselves tonight at the “Two Shrew Revue”, okay too and also you betcha.

  48. I sure am glad you and that Larsen fella made it back safe and sound from the Sarah/Shelly soiree!!

  49. I sure wish I would have held off on the oatmeal before entering today!! Glenn-duh, yuck!!! :-))
    Keep up the good work, my friend!

  50. If only you were running HP! This is way way better.

  51. Effen ‘bagger day. FKM all.

  52. You kick ass, Southpaw. Anytime you wanna fill the cream donut…no strings attached…you have my e-mail.

    PS Bigger girls do it waaaaay better but you probably know that already 😉

  53. Good morning Lefty! I’m sure Boner was the inspiration for the old Amboy Dukes song “Why Is A Carrot More Orange Than An Orange”. May have been the last coherent question or staement from right wing nut Ted Nugent.

  54. You are too hilarious!

  55. Good morning my friend! Keep kicking tail and taking names!

  56. thatsitfortheotherwon

    Just keeps getting funnier and funnier. I don’t know how you do it. Tell the truth, your brother helps, doesn’t he?

  57. So it looks like HP is going to finally chase anyone with real content off the site, and we’re going to have to wander the wastelands looking for good stuff with an edge to it.
    I guess 3 things are inevitable in this world
    1) taxes
    2) death
    3) Huffington Post will continue to go further down the drain.

  58. Good morning lefty! Here’s to a great week, and keep up the good work here. Reading about Dubya reminded me of the great Mojo Nixon/Skid Roper song, “Elvis is Everywhere”. Uhhh, thank you very much.

  59. I am a dreaded type two mod.

    Nobody likes me.

    I’m a hall monitor. I’m a geek. I’m a nerd. I also for some mystifying reason attract insane stalkers on HP. 😦

  60. Oh, and Lardini.

    GIVE US Lariano!!!!!

  61. You for got ass hole, cunt , pussy-wipe etc there are lot of words missing from the international dictionary that would describe the Republicans who are bible thumping racist motherfuckers ,with small dicks hiding under their wives skirt while at the same time hungering for any male ass they can see.
    This site was made for me !

  62. I’m sick to god damn death of the Greek Whoracle and the way she’s suckered folks into thinking she’s some left wing liberal news site when it’s really just political entertainment.
    This is one of the great places HuffPo has led me to discover though, so I won’t talk too much shit about them!!
    Keep up the excellent job.
    We all need some comic relief from this ever increasing mad mad crazy mad world!
    And anyway, things are always a little spicier when they’re sliced, diced and saltily peppered with well chosen expletives!

  63. thatsifortheotherwon

    Serious question. How do you keep the trollies at bay? Do you delete their shit, or are they afraid to show up here?

    Just curious.

    • not sure my friend (how I keep them at bay)…so far, though, they been invisible. And it’s funny you bring it up because I’ve often wondered the same thing. If they start coming…and they will….I’ll just delete their shit 🙂

  64. Great site. Brilliantly creative. Good place to go that tells it like it is and is also hilarious.

    Used to comment on HP. Got tired of all the mods and crap related thereto. Jumped ship after the badges/color coding system appeared. Love the idea of being able to say/write fuck along with other profane, vulgar, & obscene words.

    Outstanding job you are doing.

  65. Hi all,
    I hate those fucking badges.
    They create a pseudo chicken pecking order where the quantity of participation carries a much higher value then the quality of the content.
    Additionally, when all you have to do to become a community Moderator is simply hunt down 20 “inappropriate” posts of others to flag them for deletion.
    This is hardy a qualifying criterion, reminiscent more of Gestapo tactics and will also attract those who enjoy this sort of thing.
    The policing of others.

    Greetz & Peace

  66. You know, one of these years we may have to go up to Alaska to see what can cause a person like the Queen of Quit to actully exist. That broad is stranger than fiction. Bad fiction. Ed Wood fiction. At least Ed’s had some redeeming social value.

  67. ready for another action-packed week, my friend??

  68. Bristol palin 30 grand to speak??? What the fuck are we coming to??? The dumbing down of America is beyond complete.

  69. Fanned you on HP awhile back. Love your posts there and this is my first visit here. Your incisive writings get me sexually stimulated … brilliant leftist snark does that to me. And that is good, since I have nothing else to look forward to here in the sticks of Maine. I will visit often!

    • so nice to have you my friend….come as often as you’d like….and please keep your great comments coming 🙂

      • I had lost the URL to this site and did a search for LookToTheLeft. I stumbled on some references to you on HuffPost and decided to read. You are a radical leftist homophobe! There were pastes of your “anti-gay” rants as proof. Having read you extensively on HuffPost and here as well, I knew you were as far from homophobic as one could be. How can you be homophobic when you are describing the tender love scenes between John Kyl and old Mitch? It just tugged at my heartstrings.

        I despise Sister Sarah and spend no time writing anything about her. It must be so gratifying to you that the person writing that blog devotes so much time to you. The blog is critical but the devotion is so apparent. Deep affection takes some strange forms sometimes. I feel the love!


  70. Palin…Cantor…Boner…MY EYES!!!!!!!!!

  71. We have a lot of fun here, but on this Memorial Day holiday weekend it wouldn’t be a bad idea to remember the many people who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can do this.

  72. You are hilarious!!!! I found this website, just today and you are OFF THE CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!! I just can’t stop chuckling!!
    Your photoshop skills are superb and your humor is overly keen and point on! Keep up the great work!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  73. Who do you think would win a steel cage match between the Queen of Quit and Dizzy Miss Lizzie? Try setting something up, you have the power.

  74. When I’m too high to post on Huff Po I like to come here & chill. Love your front page — Vitter is the ultimate pussy. There’s enough fish emanating to compensate for their sudden absence. The fuckheads! Can I say fuckheads here? Miss Huffy Po said no.

    • thatsitfortheotherwon

      Just how high do you have to be to not be still smarter than the regular trollz who post there?

  75. Sitting here watching it pour rain and always secure in the knowledge that it is always 86 and sunny at southpawbeagle.

    • thatsitfortheotherwon

      One of those little pussified European thunderstorms rolled through here last night around midnight. Dropped about an inch of pea sized hail which hammered the shit out of the petunias, and proceeded to knock down another tree in our yard. So far we’re (-) one blue spruce and one hardwood since March.

  76. YOU RULE!!! Getting better all the time!!

  77. Thanks for daring to go where no other journalists dare to venture…into the truth. One bit of constructive criticism: your “Republicans are Ratfucks” category is disrespectful to the millions of breeding rats who are merely following their biological imperative. They do NOT deserve to be used to denote fascist Republicans (oh, & sorry for the redundancy).

  78. Hey, SouthPaw

    Are you into quilting?

  79. Islandleogirl

    LTTL – Good afternoon my friend! I have enjoyed coming here to Southpaw and reading your hilarious take on so many serious issues of today – nothing I’ve ever seen constitutes hate in any way, shape or form. Please keep your head up and don’t give up the fight for truth. I appreciate everything you do and will continue to do so.

    Sincerely yours,

  80. LTTL – you are a genius! Your site is just what the doctor ordered during these times of disarray. This site surely brings pleasure and delight…giving a time to laugh at the unlaughable.

    Just know your HP family is behind you and your commentaries 100%.

    Just don’t stop!


  81. What a great place you got here LTTL! Finally a site devoted to a worthwhile pursuit, expressing our mutual disgust for Rethugs and their twisted ideology! I don’t hate them either as hate involves emotion and I never met a Rethug who made me emotional…Mad, yes, but not really emotional. Now let me explore your site and behold it’s wonders. Oh, by the way, you can count on my support LTTL if you ever need it…


  82. This shit is hilarious!

    I should have taken your advice about not eating while cruising this website. I laughed so hard that I choked on a veggie burger. my wife did that Hiemlich thingy and everything is cool. Anyway, it’s nice to have this site where you can post whatever you want without getting scrubbed at HP. It’s happening more and more nowadays…keep it coming!

  83. Obama20082012

    LTTL, is there anyway you could contact the agency that Beej set on you about that asshole Britebart did to Shirley Sherrod? Wasn’t that hate speech what he did to her?

  84. Hey, heard about the beejer’s attack on you.

    May they get the institutional help they need soon.

  85. I’ve been here browsing a few times but nevee left a message. The site is the ‘bomb’. I like the way folks feel free to come here and express themselves without danger of getting scrubbed by the ‘Don’t hurt the baggers’ police. Keep on pushing the facts.

  86. Abreath of fresh air on a hot, humid morning here in the “red”lands…..

  87. Hey Southpaw,
    If you don’t mind to much I might start posting a bit more here. Huffington is fucking pissing me off! I cant stand all the timeouts, pending, and bs that’s going on.
    So if you would so kindly let me crash here for a while I would really appreciate it. Besides isn’t this where the cool kids are anyway?

  88. So glad you are here.

    Hardly bother to post at the ClickORama home of the misleading headlines and other nonsense. Did want to make sure though that you know some ornery critter has made their way over to the HumeSkeptic Memorial thread to post something creepy. Kind of miss his presence over there; I think he would so enjoy chewing up and spitting out those punk ass trolls!

  89. Wow buddy…here we are on the same political page and you actually take the time to come to my site and make the comment you did. That was really….uh…to use your word…’shitty.’

  90. To SPB, Ace Reporter
    It is obvious you possess a well spring of ingenuity from which these Bohemian riotous articles are dispensed. You excel at jocular and pugilistic writing, punching, poking and jabbing these CON zealocrites. Of course, it helps that you have a very large buffet of veritable fools to pick from. They are all richly deserving of everything you aim at them. How do you keep from splitting your own sides when you write this stuff?

  91. Guess what!
    One of my best friend’s is in Afghanistan right now and is a contractor. I’m trying to get him to get approval for me to go over there and write a piece on their mission. They are a K9 unit that doesn’t have weapons other then the dogs. They sound pretty unique. So far he said its good I don’t know if hes pulling my chain or what.

  92. Hope it works out Lori and you can go. I’d love to read about it.

  93. Thinker Thanker

    Sorry to read about Look to the Left’s trouble at the Huff & Puff Post. Those zany, brainy risqué razor-sharp comments obviously became too much for some people. Hell, we were amazed when the cleverly contrived, ever-amusing Acrostics managed to even appear on there! Good that LttL was reinstated, as HP needs such posters, (and for the record, Lttl was never shitty or lame-assed.) The comments section has become dull, bordering on bromidic. HP leans tabloidy, and these days, somewhat to the right.

    Super article on the execrable Cuntess of Contumely and the anti-Onanistic pristine Christine, as they wrestle in the mud (where they both belong).

    You have done one stupendous job of running asses through the meat grinder on this site and exposing the rethuglican, neocons, theocrats, liars, hypocrites, racists, bigots, dumb shits, and the rest of the anti-progressive pack. Congrats and thanks for cranking out some of the wittiest, entertaining, boisterous gut-busting articles ever!

  94. and p.s… is, indeed, the acrostics that have gotten me into so much trouble. No more, I’m afraid, on HP (I’m told) or it’s curtains forever. Actually I almost welcome it (curtains forever)….which means I probably need to throw up another or two…for old times sake….and go out with a bang 🙂

  95. Thinker Thanker

    HP has lost its Mojo without a doubt. It has also lost much of its appeal and any “edge” it once had. The comments section added a great deal to HP, especially when there were puff pieces or lame stories being run. Where you state [“and I also believe that what vitality HP once had began slowly dying on the vine when, via censorship, “banning…”] you are so correct. HP is a shell of what it once was, there is little, if any, inspiration left, and far too much chitty chatty social atmosphere. AH needs to make up her mind whether she wants to be a celebrity pundit or run an internet newspaper. She is falling short at attempting to do both. It’s obvious she craves the spotlight, and this recent overexposure in the media has rendered her rather farcical.

    Interesting reference regarding the poster Hume Skeptic, his vast intellect was blinding. We (a group of us in the past commented on HP, originally under one name) loved to read what he had to say and wondered what happened to him. For sure, he was a star!

    But there have been other posters as well, equally as outstanding in their own unique ways. The unconventional thinking, originality and imagination reflected in your posts gave them unsurpassed eclat, and being unconventional always outdistances the predictable, the banal, and the mundane. [“It’s our freedom to express ourselves disrespectfully, and sometimes profanely, that keeps the dialog fresh…and enlightening.”] Precisely!

    When you toss in your “last” Acrostics, may they rock the HP world as never before! (It NEEDS rocking desperately!!)

    While the goal was to let you know what a great job you have done with this site, as well as on HP, if that made your day or year, that works even better! Without a doubt, you are a thinker as well as being off-the-chart creative, and there are just too few of those people around these days.

    • I just don’t know what to say other than your words are very special…especially today as a family tragedy (that I can’t go into now) begins to sink in on this rather chilly Northern Virginia Friday night. Thanks my friend.


    I just wanted to say some troll is using Hume’s av and people are really disgusted.

  97. E-mail message


    Date: Tue, Jan 25, 2011, 8:59am (EST-3)

    To: (leajazz)

    Subject: Mayor Bloomberg

    “Congress must keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people by taking two critical steps: 1) Get all the names of people who should be prohibited from buying guns into the background check system. 2) Require a background check for every gun sale in America.”
    Sign the petition

    Dear MoveOn member,
    The tragedy in Tucson has brought to light some glaring holes in our gun control system.
    Thousands of the records that should be in the background check system�people with documented histories of serious mental illness and drug abuse, like Arizona shooter Jared Lee Loughner�have never been entered.1 And you can still buy guns at gun shows with no background check at all.2
    A bipartisan group of mayors from across the country, led by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is now pushing to close these loopholes.
    There is huge public support (over 90%!) for doing this3�but the gun lobby and the NRA are powerful and super well-funded and they will fight this tooth and nail. If we can show overwhelming public demand for the mayors’ efforts right now, change is possible.
    Can you sign this petition to Congress supporting the bipartisan proposal from Mayors Against Illegal Guns? If we can get over 250,000 signatures, mayors from across the country will deliver them directly to Congress. Click here:
    After the tragic mass shooting at Virginia Tech in 2006, Congress passed the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Improvement Act that created incentives for states to improve the reporting of background information to the NICS database. While it helped (increased the number of records in the database from 300,00 to 1.1 million), the database is still over a million records short. Here are some key facts:4
    Twenty-eight states and D.C. still have less than 100 mental health records in the system, in part because this bill was underfunded.
    The database only has 2,000 people listed as drug abusers�something that Jared Lee Loughner should have been listed as and would have prevented him from getting the gun he used.
    Under this law, federal agencies�including the military�which rejected Loughner due to drug use should have been sharing that information with the NICS database.
    Finally, even if the Arizona shooter had failed the NICS background check, he could have walked right into a gun show and bought a gun without any check at all.
    The mayors effort focuses on two major components: Fully fund the NICS Improvement Act and strengthen procedures for compliance with the law, and fix the gun show loophole by requiring reasonable background checks at gun shows.
    Their proposals are supported by more than 90% of the public, including gun owners.�
    But the NRA is incredibly powerful and has a lot of allies in Congress. They’ve prevented important reforms like this before and they could again, unless we all speak out now.
    Thanks for all you do.
    –Justin, Nita, Kat, Anna, and the rest of the team
    1. After Arizona Shootings Background Checks Examined, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, January 14, 2011
    2. Fix Gun Checks, Mayors Against Illegal Guns
    3. In Aftermath of Tucson Shooting, New Bipartisan Poll Shows Americans, Including Gun Owners, Support Tougher Laws to Keep Firearms Out of Dangerous Hands, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, January 18, 2011
    4. Fix Gun Checks, Mayors Against Illegal Guns
    Arizona Shooter’s Gun Purchases Should Have Been Blocked, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, January 17, 2011
    Want to support our work? We’re entirely funded by our 5 million members�no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.
    PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. This email was sent to lea clark on January 25, 2011. To change your email address or update your contact info, click here. To remove yourself from this list, click here.

  98. With havin so much written content do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright infringement? My blog has a lot of unique content I’ve either written myself or outsourced but it appears a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my agreement. Do you know any ways to help reduce content from being ripped off? I’d truly appreciate it.

  99. I’ve read a few good stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much effort you set to create such a fantastic informative site.

  100. Just found this blog and my day has been made. Also, my productivity at work just went down the shitter!

  101. i love that beagle he is so cute but i already getting a dog i hope nothing happens to that dog and i hope he gets a home

  102. Hey Left!
    It’s been a long time since I stopped by for your special brand
    of humor.
    It fills a crack in my skull.

  103. Ya know, the first Pres. I voted for sent me to Viet Nam.
    Sometimes I think I’m getting too old for this shit.
    Then I look around and I see this old world needs every liberal
    voice it’s got.
    Drive on Libs drive on!

  104. I’m so thankful that this is satire!
    I was led here by a google search for the ten commandments and was at first terrified. – to use an overused term.
    I was looking for similarities to the buddhist four precepts. An interesting comparison. Something that I have heard Alan Watts talk about. And it occurred to me to look into this tonight because I was lured to a movie screening about……well i was led to believe it was about surfing. But in reality it was about a christian surfer and his support of Jews especially, because they gave us jesus.(I have no “chosen” side in the palastine/isreal conflict, I just see unfortunate suffering) AHH the quagmire of politics and religion and all lines drawn in the sand. I think the film was trying to make the point that religion makes no difference in the water. When surfing you are a surfer. But it unfortunately contradicted itself so as to be ridiculous.
    Our world is convoluting. The right/left battle is a perfect example. The money that each side raises to fight the other could bring great changes but is instead burnt off in the process of our system. Maybe we mark entropy with our lines in the sand.To differentiate between your self and others (lines in the sand) allows for a sense of self. And a good sense of self contributes to greater critical thinking. And now I’m right back to where I started, somehow, after a 16 hr work day, sitting in a youth ministry totally confused -maybe about different things- but no more or less so than anyone else in that theatre.

  105. A number of us long time Huffington Post users have created a blog documenting the Huff-Watch Beej’s abuse on HP. For years, he has taken screen shots of users, howled on his blog, and created some 500+ socks to abuse other users. After being fed up with Beej and his repeat abuse and sock creating, he began to document the activities of the “Huffwatcher1” for all to see…and it is driving the Huff-Watch twat insane. I hope you enjoy it! It is our hope that other members can use it to protect themselves from the Huff-Watch Beej…as well as let us know if they see one of his socks on Huffington Post so that it can be banned.

    • I commend you for doing this, having been a victim myself of this beej character….and having been one of his top targets (mostly in 2009-2010) as listed on his silly, nefarious blog. I think what you’re doing is a good idea. Clearly this individual is pretty sick and uses his/her prowess on the Internet as a tool to try and intimidate poor souls into believing he/she actually has powers and clout to hurt someone (ironic, however, is the fact that if you were to closely review the consensus of comments from whoever this beej person is you could generally conclude that the individual is either extremely young and uneducated or simply uneducated based on the immaturity and child-like response quality of his/her comments which simply do not dignify any attention and/or reply at all…which is why it’s amazing to me that this individual has received as much attention as he/she has for such a long, long time. It seems incomprehensible that one person…assuming it’s one person who has been masquerading as this beej character for so long… could have devoted so much energy, time, and effort into revenge-seeking activity again a goddamn blog (HP) for god’s sake. Again, clearly this individual is a prototypical “computer worm”, think Kevin Spacey in the movie “7”, whose whole waking life seems devoted to this this bitter niche she/he has carved out for his/herself ). You probably often heard references to responding to him/her on HP as “feeding the beast”. To an extent that’s true….any attention paid to such a sick individual feeds his/her insatiable need for attention that he/she clearly does not get from work (if he/she/it works) or home/sex life (assuming, again, that he/she/it has one). Having said that, I also think ventures like yours is important because it draws the line in the sand and says “enough is enough” thus giving the sick twist back what he/she has been dishing out for so many years.

      Thanks for your blog and keep up the good fight

  106. I used to be recommended this web site by means
    of my cousin. I’m not certain whether this put up is written by way of him as nobody else know such distinct about my problem. You are incredible! Thanks!

  107. I will be coming by this site more often. As a long time user, Huffington Post has seems to have singled out my post for additional moderation. It’s really irritating. Now, I cannot post anything but inconsequential bullshit. Therefore, I am going to close my account this weekend, but not before I write them a four page letter to their “contact me” email address to tell them how they are full of shit and how they themselves are closeted racists themselves. Ah. . . how it feels good to say racist without being moderated. Never mind, how they allowed the little trolls to use words such as “reverse racism”, “race card” and Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s name whenever it came to anything regarding Blacks. However, that is another story. For now on, I will get my news from Mother Jones (which I used to go to before HuffingSmokeUptheAss Post), The Nation, and The New York Times (in other words, REAL news sources). I’ll come here to express how I really feel and read some parody representative of Republicans and all politicians full of shit. By the way, have you written a parody on so called moderate republicans and centrist Democrats and the people who would stop at nothing to kiss their ass like Chris Matthews. If you haven’t, you may consider it. With that said, keep up the good work and long time no see.

  108. Well, it looks like HP really boned themselves this time. The “no more anonymity” thing has caused people to leave in droves. Maybe folks are finally understanding what a dump that site became.

    • Interesting my friend….interesting. When something stops being fun for me I usually try to avoid doing it. Involvement in Huffington Post seemed to be more of a source of irritation for me than fun. So I stopped long ago.

      • I respect that. You quit a long time ago, and good on you for that. They are requiring all commenting members to join facebook and supply mobile numbers to verify I.D. authenticity to “reduce unsafe trolling”. Could be their death knell. Hope you have a happy, alcohol infused holiday season, Southpaw. Hope to see you here again soon.

  109. Just dropped in to see what condition my condition is in and was hoping to find the lights on and hey…..they still are. Long time old friend. Miss the days of spontaneous bliss that was the old HP. But like most good things that started out great…..ended up corporate. Oh well.

    Hope life is treating you well my friend. Hope those dreams are still within reach or at least the hope is still alive. Not many sanctuaries to rant and rave about our current pitiful state of affairs and my utter disappointment with too many of my fellow Americans.

    Never thought I would live to see the day that a movement so vile and repugnant would be celebrated so widely and embraced so fervently by so many people.

    There was the mother of a friend that grew up in Germany during the rise of Hitler and she said he said all the right things at the worst moment in their history. She sounded vaguely remorseful but also defensive that what she and others did was right for the moment. I never asked her if her family were sympathizers. I don’t think it mattered anymore to her. I think she was trying to explain and rationalize the choices made and the protests that never came.

    That was long ago but the woman’s burden that she still bore for being a witness to history and the conduct of a tyrant with a plan still haunts me. I wonder how many Americans today will regret the path they have chosen. My guess is damn few.

    America is such a wonderful country….too bad so many are consumed with fear and hatred to see beyond the flag into what makes us truly great. The freedoms to think differently and offensively. The diversity to nurture and accept all races and cultures. How we are a nation ruled by laws and not religion. That all forms of belief and doubt are allowed and protected. That so much of what we take for granted and are willing to toss aside in the name of security are the very things that people living in bondage would die to obtain is not lost on me.

    Sorry to be tilling so deep my friend. But this is like a note in a bottle on the vast sea of time. I hope it finds its way to your distant shore and offers you a glimpse of what we all once shared no so long ago. Echoes of the past that still resonate today.

    Take care my friend……

  110. Question. Is the photo of Gohmert with crossed eyes real? I’d like to use it but don’t want it to seem that I’m making fun of cross-eyed people.

    Best regards,
    Karen Spurr

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