Escape from the Donald


Entamoeba histolytica in happier times

Entamoeba histolytica in happier times

It was a fateful moment for Zeke and Leroy, two germs facing death in the rotting colon of a humanoid host named The Donald.

“We gotta get out of here, Leroy,” said Zeke.

“Can’t we rest some more? This carcass is so full of noxious, putrid shit I can hardly breathe.”

“NO!!!! You’re so weak you won’t last another day if we stay here. Come on! It’s now or never!”

“Okay Zeke….just give me your arm….I can make it….I can make it.”

“That’s the Leroy I know. WAIT!! I hear the host bloviating…..something’s coming!. This is IT, LEROY!!!! Ready………….GO! GO! GO! GO!”

Hanging onto each other, the desperate germs use their last ounce of strength catching the tail end of a giant exploding turd.

“Zeke! We made it! We’re finally out my friend!”

“((Whew))!! Let’s head for the nearest pile of dog feces, Leroy, and get ourselves cleaned up.”


8 responses to “Escape from the Donald

  1. Ha! I’ve missed you Beagle! You’re going to have lots of fun with the tRump!

  2. I sure have missed Beagle. Love this comment. Welcome back my friend.

  3. It. Is. Alive.
    This is like retuning from the dead for me. Heat to see this most excellent post.

  4. Love this. Drumph as the host organism. I’m pining for more…

  5. You’re back you fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A month or so ago I clicked here to drop some political snark and saw you were gone, man was I blue. I’ve been thinking this is my last year online, I’m just worn down but it gives me solace knowing that there are still a few of us out on the great Al Gore’s internetz telling all kinds of assorted a-holes to stick it.

    • “Back”? more or less. Depends on what the definition of “back” is…. 🙂

      In any event, it’s good you’ve carried the flame. Al’s Internet wouldn’t be the same w/out you

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