RIP Lou Reed 1942-2013




15 responses to “RIP Lou Reed 1942-2013

  1. Loved The Velvet Underground and beyond with Lou Reed. The greats are sometimes deeply flawed. Lou had his problems, but in his case, the flaws were what made him one of the all time greats. My Rock and Roll hero’s are dying and making me feel old. RIP Lou…

    • thatsitfortheotherwon

      My older brother brought Velvet Underground home from college around 1968, and left me a copy of Naked Lunch the next year or so. Man did those two works change the way I looked at the world.

      • Ditto from me. While your brother was bringing home Velvet Underground, mine was bringing home The Jimi Hendrix experience. But as far as Lou Reed is concerned, when I think of him it always conjures up images of the decedent days of NYC w/ images of Andy Warhol, William S. Burroughs, Travis Bickle, Harvey Keitel, Joe Buck, and Martin Scorcese.

  2. BTW, thanks for the You Tube links. I remember discovering “Sweet Jane” when I was in the 8th grade in 1974. That was an accomplishment in the Pacific Northwest when the best we could get on the radio was Terry Jacks and The DeFranco Family.

    • The live version of Sweet Jane has one of the greatest guitar works of all time courtesy of Steve Hunter….an underrated guitar player, along w/ Mick Ronson, if there ever was one.

      • Good call. Loved Mick Ronson doing FBI with Ian Hunter. Great guitar work.

        • Ian Hunter has always been one of my favorite artists. Mott’s version of Sweet Jane was even better than the one done by the guy who wrote it. And Hunter’s solo work was even better than Mott the Hoople. Did you know that Hunter is like 75 years old? He was in his mid 30’s w/ Mott.


          Listen to Mick Ronson’s guitar work on Cleveland Rocks at the 3:15 mark

    • I almost missed the Terry Jacks comment…lol !

      “We have joy we have fun we have seasons in the sun and the wine and the song like the seasons are all gone.”

      Gross. Can you believe shit like that reached the top of the charts while Lou Reed was lucky to make the charts?

      ….fucking pathetic

    • Booby Jo da tird

      Hate to disagree w/ you BUT… I graduated ’73 Seattle area. I remember FM saturated with Jimi, Zep, Stones, Doors, The Who etc. If my memory serves me-best music ever IMHO.
      Possibly you lived outta the area or only had AM. Hate to see my PNW dissed.
      Also, I guess I must realize there’s more to the PNW than Seattle…. but don’t FM signals travel quite a ways?….

  3. Great links, Southpaw!

  4. One of my favorites when I was a youngster…

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