Where is Southpaw?

Oh where oh where has my little dog gone?


With any luck, folks, he will be back in form after mid-July.  He broke his writing arm!


10 responses to “Where is Southpaw?

  1. Waiting for you to get better Lefty. Happy 4th of July, my friend.

  2. wishing for a fast recovery south paw i have lots of ranting to do miss you too k j is your arm broke too happy independence day to all except to gopers and t baggers you all can go to hell

  3. What?! I come here after an age to find Lefty on the injury list. Get better soon. Hiya KJ. Happy 4th of July Pawsters!

  4. I have told you more than once that after you get a certain age the bones get brittle,if you would stop jerking yourself off so much your hand would not have broken,
    Try and take care of you hand, there is magic in those fingers or so kj said.
    Happy 4th!

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