Rick Warren’s Son Explains

Police released the letter today that Matthew Warren son of mega-Evangelist, Rick Warren, left behind. Warren died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound last week:


Dear Everyone,

I’m sorry I’m doing this but YOU try being the son of a pasty-white, fat-ass pussy who is as phony as a three-dollar bill.  I’d just had enough of it….that’s all. Yes, I was depressed as hell. But here’s a news flash:  I was depressed because I was the son of this asshole.  “A Purpose Driven Life.”  HA!!!  More like “A Money Driven Life.”  To all of you fucked-up suckers out there who think my fat asshole of a father is in this for God, LOL !! I got some oceanfront property in Nebraska to sell you.  This guy is in it for one thing and one thing only…MONEY !!!!!!  Did you know that this guy doesn’t even BELIEVE in God?!?!  He’d come home every Sunday after one of his fucked-up sermons and talk and laugh for hours about how taking money from his “flock” was like shooting fish in a barrel. Believe me everyone….this fat bastard is giving all of you “A Purpose Driven Ass-Fucking.” So don’t feel bad for me because I never have to see this fuck and his dumb goatee again or listen to another word of his horseshit.  As for those of you who are his followers…you should feel sorry for yourselves because you are still going to be around for this dick to ram you up the ass and take your money.  So goodbye and good luck.   You’ll need it.  Don’t ever say I didn’t warn you.

Matthew Warren


8 responses to “Rick Warren’s Son Explains

  1. Dear Dad,

    I was gay, afraid to truly love, and afraid that I was not truly loved. Where did that leave me?

    Love, Matthew

  2. thatsitfortheotherwon

    I dunno. I think he sets a fine example, one that more of the flock should emulate.

  3. therightisallwyswrong/junebug

    maybe he will return in 3 days

  4. therightisallwyswrong/junebug

    i hope the fuck someday we get a real democrat as the President of the U S that god dam oboma will throw anyone under the bus to please his puke buddies no democrat would ever put are safety nets up for grabs i tried black but wont go back fucken sell out im pissed

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