Pope Vote


White smoke means a pasty, old,perverted white guy has been selected

Attention Cardinals….please cast your vote from the list of nominees listed below:

1.) Cardinal from Italy:  40 years in the church who began molesting alter boys as a 22-year-old priest;  is a traditional homophobe and is dead set again women in the church.

2.) Cardinal from Canada:  Has more than 100 under-aged molestations to his credit; 30 years in the church;  Good with his hands, especially when it comes to ass-grabbing of boys aged 14 and under.

3.) Cardinal from America:  41 years in the church who rose through the Catholic ranks by looking the other way while over 150 priests under his jurisdiction committed sex crimes with under aged choir boys;  Has over 200 molestations to his own credit.

4.)  Cardinal from The Philippines:   Reverent and committed to the church….as well as to the molestation of boys at the youngest ages possible.  Coined the phrase, “Sex after Eight and it’s too late.”

5.)  Cardinal from Argentina:  Committed to the Catholic Church with a “hands on” approach to his faith….especially if it means “hands on” young boy asses which he has had his hands on more than 450 times during his decades in the church.

Please select one of the following perverts listed above by circling their name and then casting your vote as quickly as possible so that we can get on with the business of wide-spread corruption, debauchery, secrecy, and perversion of the highest order.

Black smoke means,well, pretty much the same fucking thing as white smoke

Black smoke means,well, pretty much the same fucking thing as white smoke


7 responses to “Pope Vote

  1. therightisallwyswrong/junebug

    nothing like blind justice eh south paw thats so fucked up they go on as its ok and they speak of a god the only god i see is fucking gold oil guns mega corporations mega churches the pentagon all dictators including pukes all those ass holes expect the masses to worship them you sure open my eyes thanks for all the work you put in to your blogs spb and you to kj ( gordita )

  2. thatsitfortheotherwon

    Why is this such big fucking news in the national media? These guys ceased to be relevant during the time of Da Vinci. And much like fish, they haven’t gotten any better with time.

  3. Well, we also have the secrecy of the Vatican bank that launders money for the mafia. So not only do they think sex crimes are ok, apparently, so is murder.

  4. therightisallwyswrong/junebug

    the dude that speaks to god and collects his gold has been selected . all the excitement is over we can all relax now and get on with destroying all the safety nets for the old sick young and disabled . give to the church and rich and live like jesus and be happy cause your going to heaven and the rich are going to hell. god loves you and hates the rich but he will deal with then when thy die and every thing will get better when we die we get to float on the clouds and it will really be something to pass through those pearly gates cant wait to see whats behind them . a mennnnnnnn brothers in sin hope to see you again . thats all i got to say about that

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