Donald Trump to Join 2nd Obama Administration

Trump leaves the WH where he met with Pres Obama who appointed him next ambassador to Kenya

Real estate magnate, Donald Trump, contacted President Obama last night to offer him his congratulations on his reelection and was immediately asked if he would like to be Ambassador to Kenya which he accepted.

“Apparently the position is vacant and the President, knowing my extensive knowledge of Kenya specifically and world affairs in general made me the offer and being one who believes in country first, I accepted,” said Trump.

“I feel I have a close and personal connection to Kenya,” said Trump despite the fact that the millionaire and host of NBC’s “The Apprentice” has not only never been to Kenya, he has never been to any African country due to a reported pathological fear of black people for which he is currently receiving intensive counseling in preparation for his ambassadorship.

This is Trump country

“That’s something I need to work on before I take over the embassy there,” said Trump.  “I believe that one reason why my friend Barrack offered me the position is to help me to get over my fears.”

“It’s my understanding that colored people are predominant in Kenya and apparently are a great credit to their race,” said a conciliatory Trump.  “I look forward to getting to know more about this race of people and how I can help to make them more like Americans and human beings.”

Trump will also start up a version of “The Apprentice” in Kenya with production to begin on Action TV-8 Nairobi in January.

“I very much look forward to saying “YOU’RE FIRED” to colored people,” said Trump with a chuckle.


9 responses to “Donald Trump to Join 2nd Obama Administration

  1. To SouthPaw Owner — You are so darn funny! I am an African-American woman and totally get your humor. The Donald is a comedian’s goldmine.

  2. Didn’t the President say donald lost to him at soccer when they were boys growing up in Kenya?

    I say send that fucking blow hard to Somalia!


  3. thatsitfortheotherwon

    Did you see the tweets from this disgusting fuck after the president was re-elected? He wants a fucking revolution! I’d like to give him a little tiny one, right in his face.

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